Projects focus me on a topic and force me to stay on it, until I have achieved my goal.

It started with two 365 projects on flickr. A 365 projects is about taking a shot for a specific topic each day in a years time span. Sounding easy, it gets hard work after the first three work. But looking back, it kept me going also beyond my perceived limits.

I produce every year a calendar for a specific topic. For 2018 the topic was "morning light in the mountains". 

  • 2018_01
  • 2018_08
  • 2018_11

My book "Zürichs Telefonkabinen auf der Spur" has captured all existing public phones in the City of Zürich. 

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My first 365 project. A "bokeh" is a rather new term to describe a composition with a shallow field of depth. So many things are blurry. You have to really take care of this bokeh, because otherwise, it will get boring after the first four weeks.

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  • PICT0010-16

My second 365 project with a self chosen topic. I had at the end even a book in my hands with a selection of the best compositions.

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