Projects focus me on a topic and force me to stay on it, until I have achieved my goal.

It started with two 365 projects on flickr. A 365 projects is about taking a shot for a specific topic each day in a years time span. Sounding easy, it gets hard work after the first three work. But looking back, it kept me going also beyond my perceived limits.

Public Phones in Zürich

My book "Zürichs Telefonkabinen auf der Spur" has captured all existing public phones in the City of Zürich. 

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My ways

Documenting the essence of a way, so that someone else can also understand and feel this way.

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Five by four

A monthly topic was distributed across the weeks to display five interpretations of the specific topic. The following shots were around the topic of water.

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365 Moving

My second 365 project with a self chosen topic. I had at the end even a book in my hands with a selection of the best compositions.

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365 Bokeh

My first 365 project. A "bokeh" is a rather new term to describe a composition with a shallow field of depth. So many things are blurry. You have to really take care of this bokeh, because otherwise, it will get boring after the first four weeks.

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