I went studying Geography after finishing my High School. My special interest was with the Meteorology, but you need to know physics for this. As physics was and is not my favourite matter,  I decided to work in IT.

I have worked for different IT Service companies (eg. looking after the IT of several blood donation banks). But I have also worked for internal IT departments. The most impressive part was when I lead a team for the Public Radio of Switzerland, where I learnt how long 5 seconds of silence can be. But I also learnt that radio is a 24 x 7 business, no break at all.

Finally, I made a change to Information Security with less operational tasks and night shifts. I have worked for a large Swiss Insurance company as a Security Consultant, and work currently for a large IT Service provider in Switzerland.

I was born in Zurich, but moved quickly with my parents to the Canton Aargau as my father got a job there. I grew up there and made my schools there. Finally, I'm living again in Zurich, where I also work.

The first time I got in contact with a camera was with eight years. I got a Agfa Instamatic Pocket. A real jewel for me, and I started snapping everything I liked. My first SLR came into my hands when I turned 23. For whatever reason, the occupation with cameras went to sleep shortly afterwards.

It was revived after I bought a DSLR, as I was really unhappy with my then point-and-shot camera, as it was so slow. My work stay 2007 in Australia finally started the virus for photography  again, as I noticed that I'm really interested to capture things beyond the simple holiday memories. I started reading books and magazines, joined flickr and visited photo exhibitions. It is always interesting to look back and see how my seeing and capturing evolved over this time.

When I leave my home, I'm rarely without a camera in my bag. Simple reason is that you never know on what you come across and then your camera will be missing.