Picture of the Month 

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St. Peter glows in the projection of a kids drawing. 

Public phones in Zurich

My book is available in any book store in Switzerland or you can order it here.

I was born in Zurich, but moved quickly with my parents to the Canton Aargau as my father got a job there. I grew up there and made my schools there. Finally, I'm living again in Zurich, where I also work.

The first time I got in contact with a camera was with eight years. I got a Agfa Instamatic Pocket. A real jewel for me, and I started snapping everything I liked. My first SLR came into my hands when I turned 23. For whatever reason, the occupation with cameras went to sleep shortly afterwards.

It was revived after I bought a DSLR, as I was really unhappy with my then point-and-shot camera, as it was so slow. My work stay 2007 in Australia finally started the virus for photography  again, as I noticed that I'm really interested to capture things beyond the simple holiday memories. I started reading books and magazines, joined flickr and visited photo exhibitions. It is always interesting to look back and see how my seeing and capturing evolved over this time.

When I leave my home, I'm rarely without a camera in my bag. Simple reason is that you never know on what you come across and then your camera will be missing.