Sure, I photograph many different topics to build up and extend my knowledge. Nonetheless the following four topics build my main working area.

Products or production of products

I do create for clients from time to time specific work. I was working recently for the "General Sutter Distillery" in Sissach. 

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  • 20180415-A7205106-16
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  • 20180415-DSC05495-16

Day to day

I have my camera always with me, so many things are created going and living.

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I had a classical 365 project on flickr. A 365 project is about taking each day a shot for the chosen topic. So for this project, it was motion. I have extended this beyond the year. You will find in my stream always compositions with motion and movement in it.

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  • DSC01894-16

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The Night Sky

The star sky is always a treat to capture, but also challenging due to high light pollution in Switzerland.

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  • 20140819-20140819-DSC01918
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I was a train spotter in my teenager years. It is less extensive as it was then, but you find still many composition with railway related topics in it.

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